WellFound Yachts

We’re NOT  just selling you a boat.

We Provide Peace of Mind!


Our job is to assist you in finding not just any boat but the RIGHT BOAT to help you fulfill your dreams.
“We’re not brokers: We are consultants!”
When you make your purchase, our job has just begun….


Consultant versus Broker.

Beware of the brokers that are interested in making an easy sale by selling the first boat that they can interest you in (more emphasis on fancy gadgets, bells and whistles than functional, useful features).
Finding a boat is easy. Finding the right boat takes patience, understanding of the client’s needs (how closely did the broker question you as to your needs and experience), knowledge of all different kinds of boats, features, and of course firsthand experience!
The broker’s job would end with the sale of the boat. Now our job is just getting started!

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After our clients make their purchase, we offer many services backed by over 40 years of off -shore sailing, cruising and racing experience.

We are familiar with vessels used for day sailing, short hops to the islands and larger vessels fitted for extended offshore cruising and comfortable passage making.
We’ve been caught-out in bad weather, we know what is needed in order to stay safe and weather the storm. Having cruised in remote areas we’ve had to make major repairs. We know how to make things work when the chips are down!!!

Our experience can seamlessly take you from aimlessly browsing through the thousands of available crafts that are for sale, to putting you into not just a dream boat but a practical, functional boat that is ready to leave the dock for whatever adventure you intend.

Why do you need a consultant from WellFound Yachts?

Boating is fun, but not when your boat is not ready for you or she is broken down.

If you like to enjoy your boating , but just don’t have the time  to keep her ready at a moments notice, then we can have her prepared and in what ever port you want to use her from. We can even have your provisions and charts on board.

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  • Help with the purchase
  • Advise on the best way to register/document your boat
  • Train the new owner in the use and maintenance of his/her boat
  • Sailing lessons for beginner through intermediate sailor
  • Navigation lessons for both coastal and offshore sailing
  • Arrange the delivery of your new boat from the place of purchase to her new home
  • Arrange transport of the yacht to any part of the world, whether it is for an extended cruise half a world away or a more modest cruise of waters just out of normal reach
  • Arrange and over see repairs or modifications to your new purchase
  • Oversee and organize the refit of older boats
  • Assist with voyage planning
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