Articles of Interest

This section is a collections of articles. Most written by people you may have heard of and published in the Yachting press. We have collected these  as reference for our clients that may find them useful and post them here in hopes that you will find them a good source of information.

We hope you find this of interest, and if there is any particular topic that you would like more information on, Just let us know. We will do some research and see if we can post something or relevance.

These magazines and authors have a wealth of information and we recommend them as a source of all kinds of yachting news, experiences of other, and a knowledge that we are sure you will find useful.



Electrical problems 1

Electrical problems 2


Your batteries are the heart of your electrical system. Always stored out of sight but should not be out of mind!

Batteries 1

Batteries 2

Buying new batteries for your boat? Do you know what you are actually buying?

Know what batteries you are buying.


Fuel Cleaning 1

Fuel Cleaning 2


It’s very easy to take chain plates for granted.

Chainplates 1

Chainplates 2


Rod Rigging 1

Rod Rigging 2


Ground Rules 1

Ground Rules 2

Ground Rules 3


Drilling through Stainless Steel